Tamar Simon


Team facts

Role:             Board Member (2010)
Communications Director 

Birth Date:        30 March 1990 (age 30)


Tamar Simon has been volunteering for BSI since 2010. She has represented BSI at World Championships in Germany and Lake Placid, and advocates on behalf of the Federation and Athletes internationally, partnering BSI with numerous Jewish and Israeli organizations and non-profits. 


Tamar helps with BSI's social media and marketing. She serves as a liaison, on behalf of BSI, with Israeli Politicians, Ambassadors and other Jewish Community Leaders.


Professionally, Tamar runs a Film Marketing, PR & Distribution company (Mean Streets Management) focused on studio-level, Jewish-content films. She also runs a Speakers Bureau where she books current and retired, professional Jewish and Israeli athletes, and high-level, Jewish business professionals. 


Tamar played varsity basketball in high school, and as co-captain her senior year helped lead her team to the Massachusetts State Tournament, for the first time. Today, she is an interval runner, plays volleyball and is a new fan of soccer. She also promotes the benefits of real pushups, especially for girls.