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Sport:              Skeleton

Birth Date:        30 March 1990 (age 30)



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After attending the March of the Living in 2008, Jared knew he wanted to do more to both support Israel, and to educate those around him about the horrors of the Holocaust. After seeing Steven Spielberg's movie "Munich", which details the 1972 Munich Massacre of 11 Jewish athletes at the Olympic Games, Jared realized that as an athlete, competing for Israel would be a most fitting platform to accomplish his goal, while also honoring the 11 athletes who were killed in Munich.

Throughout his Track career at Tulane University, Jared always kept his dream of competing for Israel in the back of his mind, but after graduating, he traded in my track spikes for law books and began his studies at the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law in NYC. Just as he was getting into the rhythm of my first semester, he suffered a Transient Ischemic Attack, effectively a “minor stroke”.  

Coincidentally, his hardship fell during the 2014 Winter Olympics. While recovering from his TIA, he discovered the sport of Skeleton. After some research he decided, rather than having my face buried in Torts and Constitutional Law books, it should be buried in ice as I slide under 5-G's of pressure at 80 miles per hour!

Shortly thereafter, Jared found himself at a sliding school in Lake Placid, NY.  Upon graduating from law school, he took both the Florida and New York State Bar exams to complete my legal education.

Now, with law school and two Bar admittances under his belt, he headed up to Lake Placid to join the Team USA Skeleton Developmental Program full-time. After three seasons in the USA program, he finally knew he was ready to represent the Magen David.

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