Bobsleigh Skeleton Israel (BSI) is the national federation for the winter sliding sports of Bobsleigh and Skeleton. BSI is a member of Israel’s National Olympic Committee (NOC) and we are driven to support Israeli athletes to be the best that they can be on the World's stage. We have been a member nation of the International Bobsleigh Skeleton Federation (IBSF) since 2002 and in 2018 became a full voting member.

Aims and values

We are committed to recruiting and developing athletes that perform at the highest level of our sports with a goal of competing each year at the World Championships and every four years at the Olympic Winter Games. We also endeavor to build a community of friends and fans to support our pursuits and dreams to represent Israel in International bobsleigh and skeleton competitions. These international sporting events provide our athletes with an immense sense of pride and provide a unique opportunity to shine a light on the shared values that Israeli athletes share with athletes in the international sporting community.